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The multifarious issues of classism and living in poverty in one little blog from a poor person who like vast majority of fellow low-income people IS NOT LAZY.

About me:
I refuse to lie down and tolerate classism in silence. I will not keep quiet. I will call out classism and any other form of -isms I discern. I tolerate no oppression, including and ESPECIALLY legally sanctioned discrimination. .
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The Bill of Rights should apply to all, not just those who are fortunate enough to own a home, rent a home, or have family willing to look out for them until they can afford to leave the nest entirely. It should apply to all regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, income level, religion, whether or not they are cis, age, etc.

However, it is a sad and terrible fact that the homeless are VERY MUCH dehumanized. I experienced it when I was homeless myself as a little kid (one of the culprits that stands out being my first grade teacher, but there were plenty of others who did that to my mom and I) and I have witnessed it many, many times. There are far too many who think that because someone is in the situation where they rely on shelters or sleep in the woods or streets, their life matters less. It’s horrible, and sadly I have a very long list of things I’ve seen and experienced that make me think this is necessary.

Case in point: in a recent Riverhead newspaper, there was an article about a homeless woman being robbed of what she had on her person (the only things left to her) The response of several people on the article? I can roughly sum it up as this: “maybe she should stop being lazy and get a job so she has somewhere to live.” As though it’s so easy to get a job that covers the exorbitant prices of Long Island rent. There are plenty of people who are both employed and homeless.

A second case in point from off I remember correctly in the middle of the Polar Vortex: when a slumlord’s home was raided in Polishtown. I commented that I hoped there was someplace safe and warm being provided for the affected tenants given that it was right in the coldest part of winter and the thought of the tenants being stuck out in subzero weather was positively horrifying. Several people responded with mockery of my comment, suggesting the tenants be tossed in jail and one even saying something like “oh they’re probably illegals and deserve it” (note that the article did not identify the race of the tenants, and even if they WERE “illegals” that doesn’t mean they should be treated inhumanely, especially since wherever they came from must have been horrible for being crammed into a massively overcrowded home to seem to be an agreeable situation!)

The homeless (and people living in poverty) should be a legally protected group. It should be illegal to fire someone for the repercussions of being homeless. It should be illegal to refuse to hire someone because their address is Section 8 housing or because they cannot already afford to own a job (the exception being jobs explicitly requiring a car to complete job duties like being a delivery person). The question “do you own a car” or “do you own a home” should never be on a job application. Attacking someone specifically for being homeless or publicly humiliating them for it should be considered a hate crime.

Someone needs to explain to Section 8 paperwork makers how hourly jobs work. One cannot say how many hours a week they work when it changes every week. If you get too sick to work, you lose hours. If you cover other shifts when someone else is sick you gain hours. Smh